Corporate experience

RK works with global teams on IFS enterprise application Implementation,trainings and Provide business intelligence solutions using different IFS application modules. RK worked with diversified teams serving customers such as Roll Royce Marine(Sweden), Williams International (US), Eltek Valare(US), Moduslink(Global), TA Hydronics(Germany) , Computer Science Corporation (India operations) to name a few. He was an Employee of IFS North America, Tucson , Arizona USA and was instrumental in developing IFS Department of Defence Solution (DOD) for Williams International, Detriot , GE and other IFS Defence Customers, US

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Presently working with... Astra-us

Astra-US is a Tucson , Arizona , USA based company and a leading IFS Partner. RK's work involves providing business Intelligence information using IFS tools and developing solutions to redefine IFS architecture to align to particular Business challenge

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Novacura Sweden

Previous Engagements
IFS Implementation

Worked as Consultant for Novacura a Sweden Company, in IFS Project implementations for TA Hydronics global sites, IFS to BAAN Migration for Rolls Royce Marine, Kristinehamn, Sweden and multiple small projects across Europe and USA

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Khaga Technologies

IFS to SAP migration IFS /SAP Project

Worked on Global roll-out of IFS to SAP migration for Moduslink corporations operations in Singapore, China, US

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Professionals Feedback

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity "Radha has excellent BA and technical skills in IFS Applications".

Johan Melander ,Founder and CEO, Sweden

Radha was a great team player and was always willing to help out anyone on the team. He was a great asset to the team with his breadth of knowledge both technical and functional. He is a hard worker, very dedicated and is able to solve complex issues efficiently and with quality.

Michelle Vedder, Technical Implementation Manager - Defense, IFS North America(colleague)

Radha and I have worked on a number of very complex / demanding programs. He has always been a pleasure to work with. He has a great ability to work with others, sharing information, learning and teaching. Clients and I, have a great deal of respect and appreciation for the work he does.

Thomas Peterson,Senior Advisor-Finance,IFS North America (colleague)

I've worked with Radha on numerous complex software problems. Always found his drive to research problems and find solutions superior.

Chris Bredwell, , Sr. Application Consultant, IFS

Radha had the unique combination of having an excellent business (functional) acumen while being a prolific software developer. His functional expertise was especially good in complex areas of Manufacturing & Costing that manifested well during the development of these within the product. It was a pleasure knowing him as a person and working with him.

Praveen Yamala, , Sr. Application Consultant, IFS North America

In the 8 years I worked with Radha he consistently provided excellent quality and timely work. He provided tremendous insight in product design and business solutions. Radha is punctual, hard working and always a team player. On many occasions Radha provided a significant effort working very long hours to meet last minute requests and/or solve complex problems. He is joy to work with and eliminates worries as to whether a job will be completed properly and on time. Radha would be a great hire for any company.

Dan Bach,, Sr Application Consultant, IFS North America, Inc.

I had the pleasure of working with Radha on multiple projects for a total of 8 years... Radha is friendly and hard working. He has a wide array of skills and experience and has always been able to fulfill or surpass any expectations. Radha is a great team player and very easy to work with. His wide range of expertise makes him a valuable member of any team, and he would always put his skills to good use in the right spot. He has great work ethics and has no problem going the extra mile when required. Radha has my most utmost respect and I would highly recommend him to any company.

Oyvind S. Roed, Software Engineer / Technical Lead, IFS North America, Inc.